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You know it happens in marriages all the time.  You were so close, but over the months or years the passion fades and things get a bit more stale and mechanical.  This is normal to some extent, but when sex becomes more mechanical and less passionate it is a trouble sign.  This is something you want to reverse.

How do you keep sex from getting too mechanical and losing it's passion?  You don’t have to wear a belly dancer outfit or try 1000 different positions.  Sex should be fun, not make you feel inadequate or ridiculous! 

But it isn’t hard or difficult to keep passion going strong in your marriage.  One simple way to improve the quality of your sex life is to have sex when you both aren’t exhausted at the end of a day.  Obviously, if you are tired, your love making will be less energetic. 

Sure, feel free to try a new sexual position or a role play.  Sex is all about the play and pleasure.  But to keep the passion going strong and avoid ending up in a sexless marriage you can start just by making sure you make love when you aren't exhausted.

Schedule quality time when you both have energy.  Make sure the kids are away or out of the house.  Then, just take some of that energy and focus it on your partner.  This sets you up for a second powerful way to keep the passion strong in your marriage. 

You know what your spouse likes in bed, and when you have energy it is easy to spend some extra time on pleasing them.  So make sure you are hitting their hot buttons during sex.  Great sex isn't so much about new positions or techniques as it is about knowing that you will make each other feel great during the experience.

Passionate love making isn't about quantity, either.  It's about quality.  So observe these two tips and see how easy it is to keep the passion going strong between you.  Adding more energy and play back into your love life can quickly improve your marriage.  Your mate is just like you.  They want to have fun, feel appreciated, and feel like you are a special partner in their life. 


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