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Marriage Advice A Key To A Successful Marriage

There are really just a few keys to a thriving, successful marriage that withstands the challenges of time.  The key we'll look at in this article is one of the most simple yet powerful ways to fight proof and cheat proof your marriage.

The key is PLAY.  At first, you got into the relationship to play.  You dated, which is another word for play.  You went out to movies, dinners, hikes, had sex, you did a lot of things that were fun.  Play is why you got into the relationship.  And it worked!

You had so much fun that you both thought it was a good idea to get married!  That is simple proof of the power of play.  It bonds couples and creates strong desire and satisfaction.

But then, over time, what happens in most marriages is adult responsibilities and burdens take over.  There's work, bills to pay, kids to raise.  Before long, most of the play can DISAPPEAR from the marriage. 

And that creates this problem:  The less play, the more fighting.  The more fighting, the less play.  How much play you have in your marriage determines its quality, to a large degree.   There is a simple inverse relationship.  The more of one you have, the less of the other. 

So tip number one is to have some play time with your mate at least weekly.  It doesn't take a lot of time.  You don't need to play for hours a day or night like you did when you first bonded and fell in love.  But just a few minutes a day and one or two larger play slots a week can do wonders for a successful marriage.

So, do you at least plan a date night once a week?  That is a great place to start.  If you've been fighting a lot, it may take a while to figure out how to play again, but you both played together when you first got into the relationship.  Spending some time figuring out how to play with your spouse again can pay off immediately and in the long term.

Spend a little time focusing on bringing more play into your marriage and see for yourself how much less fighting and more appreciation it creates!


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