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Marriage Intimacy

When it comes to marriage intimacy, one good question is this:  is your mate your best friend? Well, that may be a little idealistic, but your marriage partner can be one of your best friends. With as much time as you spend together, you want to be close friends.

How do you turn your spouse into your best friend for more marriage intimacy? You know a lot about this already. Just look at some of your best friend relationships now to see what makes them so valuable to you. There are probably some common things that you'll find.

One important quality of marriage intimacy that goes with most best friends is acceptance instead of criticism. You won't feel much close friendship with your mate if you or they are being very critical of each other.  This can kill marriage intimacy fast!

Another key to best friends and marriage intimacy is listening. One of the things we like about our best friends in life is that they actually listen to us. They treat what we have to say as important. They aren't usually distracted and doing ten other things while they listen.

Take a moment and look at your marriage. How is the listening between the two of you? Do you feel that your lover drinks you in? Do you feel that you make them feel understood?  Do you feel this helps or hinders your marriage intimacy?

An additional aspect of best friendship is the opposite of the last. Talking instead of listening. With best friends, we can talk about deeper things. We can share problems that we don't have all worked out. We tend to tell best friends what's really going on with us.  This is a big help with marriage intimacy as well.

And we can talk about dreams and hopes and wishes with our best friends. If we are thinking of how nice it would be to start singing at the local karaoke bar, we might tell them about it and they will be supportive rather than ridicule us.  Would it help your marriage intimacy if you could talk about your dreams with your spouse?

Work on these marriage intimacy areas and you can turn your lover into more of a best friend. Be a better friend by being more accepting and doing less criticizing. Drink your mate in regularly and make them feel heard and really understood. Share your hopes and dreams with each other. Working on these things may take some discipline, but it will pay off in a stronger, closer relationship, the kind you can only have with a best friend!

Marriage Intimacy Action Plan:

Are your criticizing or appreciative of your mate?  Rate yourself.  Do you understand how important this is to marriage?

Are you a good listener and do you drink your spouse in when they talk?  This alone can increase marriage intimacy fast!

Are you communicating?  Just small talk has been shown to help marriage intimacy stay strong in studies.  Asking about their day, being interested, checking in is a sign of affection.

Do you play and have fun together like friends?  This is a powerful way to keep marriage intimacy strong over the years.

Marriage intimacy guidance is good to learn.  A little relationship intelligence can go a long way in providing the type of marriage guidance that can help your relationship to thrive.  Spending some time learning relationship IQ can pay off for years down the road.  Marriage advice doesn't need to be hard to understand or follow!  Take an insight and try it to support your marriage intimacy today.

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