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Marriage Advice - Stop Your Divorce 2

When it comes to marriage, we all have high hopes.  In the beginning, things are great.  Then, over time, the love can seem to leave the marriage and you may be staring down the barrel of a divorce.  This is a tough situation to deal with, and you need to use marriage intelligence to save your marriage.

Here is how you can sometimes stop a potential divorce through the power of a deep apology.

  • I’m sorry for my part in this (not listening to you, or being cold to you)


  • I know I hurt you, and I will try not to do that again.


  • How do you feel about what I did?  What are you feelings about this?


This allows for venting.  This allows for the apology to go to a different place than just saying I’m sorry.  You have to help them to let go of their negative feelings so they can forgive you.  These steps will support that in happening.  Asking them how they feel can make all the difference in getting them to forgive and let go.

Their heart is full of negative feelings towards you.  These cover up their positive feelings.  They have to release the bad to get back to the good.  Venting is a powerful way to do this. 

The problem is that most people don’t want to accept blame and responsibility, so they have trouble apologizing in a powerful way that can help their mate get past the hurt to forgiveness.  The next problem is that people don’t want their ex to yell at them, so they don’t ask them to vent.   Both of these issues can create problems. 

To stop a divorce, do the opposite.  Own up to what you did and get them to vent! 

Follow these two steps and see if your apology can create room for your ex to begin to want you back.  It is much better than just saying I’m sorry!  Apologizing won’t always work, but it will often work to help you reconnect and get past the breakdown. 

Marriage Advice Action Plan Steps For This Marriage Insight:

1.  Figure out why your marriage is really failing.

2.  If it is over something you did wrong, can you apologize?

3.  Try these two steps, and see what happens.  This can stop your divorce.

Marriage advice and guidance is good to learn.  A little relationship intelligence can go a long way in providing the type of marriage guidance that can help your relationship to thrive.  Spending some time learning relationship IQ can pay off for years down the road.  Marriage advice doesn't need to be hard to understand or follow!  Take an insight and try it in your marriage today.


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