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Marriage Advice On True Love Masks

We all are thrilled when we find a relationship, feel the stirrings of true love, and get married. It feels wonderful and we are very happy. But only for a while. Then some distance seems to grow between us and the feeling of true love starts to waver.

How do we keep true love thriving in our marriage over the long haul? How do we stop from losing that great feeling and maybe losing our mate?

There are lots of answers and issues to consider when it comes to true love. There is definitely not one simple answer to keeping true love going strong.

This article will focus on one thing. And that is that keeping true love requires you to be real and authentic with your mate. One way to do this is to take off your mask.

We all wear masks. For example, some of us are good girls. We try not to argue, try not to make waves, try to be pleasing and helpful. Others of us wear independent masks. We try to appear like we've got it together, we've got it handled, we don't need help. There is nothing wrong with these masks.

Such masks can get in the way in our love life. If you are a good girl all the time and don't take off that mask, you can get taken for granted and give all the time while receiving nothing. If you don't stand up for yourself you could get minimized.

Or if you are wearing the strong independent type mask you can end up shutting your partner out, and you need to let them in by being vulnerable and needing your mate from time to time.

The point is that whatever masks you wear, you will need to trust your mate and learn to take it off and be genuine with them. True love can't thrive if you are putting on a fake front and not being who you really are.

True Love does not have to be something that you lose over time with your mate, or struggle a lifetime to gain. You can learn to create it on purpose in your relationships with some focus and simple shifts in behavior. Just communicating more from the heart, making your spouse feel heard and understood, can promote more true love regularly in your marriage.

There are entire books that can be and have been written about each of these topics, so this is obviously just an introduction, but these are a great place to start to improve your marriage today. 


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