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Marriage Advice - Double Your Intimacy

Have you started to figure out that it can be harder to stay in love than to fall in love? Do you want to add twice the love to your relationship? If so, there are several powerful steps you can take today to begin doing that.

One skill you can use to double the love you feel is called Playful Intimacy. This is a tool that you can learn in minutes and use to add to the love you feel starting today.

Playful intimacy starts with you thinking of 3 or four things that mate could do that would make you feel more loved or appreciated. Start with short 5 minute easy acts that would make you feel good.

It could be a back rub, give you a big long hug, wear sexy lingerie around the house, cuddle on the couch for a few minutes after you get home from work, help you cook dinner and talk about your day. Start with short, simple things that wouldn't take your mate long to do them, but that would make you purr or feel appreciated or loved some.

Once you have your list, you are halfway home to doubling or tripling the love you feel in your relationship. You have successfully identified things that your mate could do that would make you feel good.

Then all you need to do is make Intimate Requests for what's on your list. You ask them to cook dinner as usual but this time wearing sexy lingerie. You ask for a 5 minute back rub when you get home from work. Whatever.

The key to this skill is you not expecting your mate to figure out what makes you feel loved today, not expecting them to read your mind. You figure it out and then ask playfully, with a sense of humor. You ask without too much expectation, so its okay if they say no. But you ask for what makes you feel loved!

This way, you can add more love to your life consciously, on purpose. You dont sit around wondering where the love has gone from your relationship. You figure out what makes you feel loved and you ask. You cause love instead of sit around moping about not having it. Then ask your mate what makes them feel loved and do that for them. You can try this today and see what happens! 

Action Plan:

Turn this insight into action.  Make up a list of what you would find loving in your marriage.  Then ask!  You've got to ask to  make this work!  

Then ask your mate what would work for them, and do that!  See how this helps your marriage thrive!


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