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Marriage Advice - 3 True Love Keys

True love is what everybody wants in their relationship.  We all have intimacy needs and we all want true love.  We hope for it and work hard to find the right relationship so we can have it.  You can get Love Help here.

Then, when we get into a relationship, it feels great at first.  We often feel some stirrings of true love.  But over time, the longer we are together, it seems like true love starts to slip away some.  The person who felt so right in the beginning can start to feel less right after a while.

Finding true love usually ends up being easier than keeping true love.  If it was easy to keep it, we'd all still be with our first high school crush.  How then do you keep true love from slipping away?  There are some key factors.

A first key true love factor is to get than ALL relationships have phases.  The first honeymoon phase where everything is great can't last.  It gives way to the me/us phase, where some separation occurs and we need to get on with our own goals and interests.  True love isn't gone, it just changes form.  You can get more Get Relationship Advice here here.

Another thing that is vital to understand with true love is that it is about giving as well as receiving.  You have to give your time and loving attention to your mate regularly.  And your mate has to give some loving attention to you.  You can’t keep true love if you are doing all the giving or all the receiving.

Another vital factor to keeping true love alive in your relationship is to play.  The less play in your relationship, the less true love you will feel over time.  Too often we let the responsibilities of adulthood push the play out of our relationship.

Do you have a regular date night?  Do you have a few things you enjoy doing together?  Playing together may be hard if you’ve gotten out of the habit, but with a little attention you can start to bring some back.  And studies have shown the more play the less fighting and conflict.  Play is good!

True love is not static.  It is an ongoing effort.  But don't give up on true love because it is challenging.  Pay attention to the factors that increase it and keep learning more about it and you will reap the rewards of having more true love in your love life.  You can get more How To Get Help For Relationships here.

Here's an Action Step for you:  What phase of relationship do you think you are in?  If it isn't the first honeymoon phase, how have you adjusted?  How has your mate adjusted?  Do you fear that true love has disappeared?  What are some simple things you can do to play with each other regularly that might bring it back?


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